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Oli ❤️#1014
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Steam Profile:   OliCranny
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Steam Profile:   OliCranny
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+1 great person and helpful!
+1 really great guy, super trustworthy. helped me out with a trade.
+1 fast, easy trader
+1 nice trader! - oli ❤
+1 one of the best traders i've come across, real nice guy!
+1 great trader, super trusted and would recommend!
+1 brother from another mother, hope always be there for u boi :>
+1 trusted and fast trader , good luck bro , ❤ speeze ~
+1 fast and fair trader
+1 great guy ❤
+1 nice and friendly trader ❤ 10/10
+1 amazing trader! a+
+1 good guy, quick and painless trade!
+1 fast easy trade, will do business with again
+1 great and fast trade
+1 trusted trader , love u buddy ❤ speeze ~
+1 enjoy ur day mr. oli ~ best of luck ❤ speeze
+1 great guy, thanks again ❤
+1 fast and secure trades as always
+1 sold keys for a cs go skin.he went first.it was quick and smooth as always ?
+1 he is gud aussie boi. a lil triggered but good boi
+1 "great trades as always, thanks!"
+1 ❤ this guy and the trades he does
+1 11/9 trader (thinks he knows what hes doing but hes a nub shhh) prank
+1 fast and smooth trade
+1 ¸ quick and trustworthy trader, no mm needed - from sniper-[trading]-
+1 king and a good guy aswell as a good trader
+1 great trader, very trust worthy guy, traded 121 keys for his wheels and everything went well, no mm needed
+1 fast and fair trader
+1 fast trade, no trouble, friendly.
+1 great trader! ?
+1 tyy
+1 good trade ?
+1 sold keys for a cs go skin.it was fair and smooth ? trustworthy guy ❤
+1 fast and easy paypal trade
+1 nice and fast trader! heaps good guy!
+1 smooth as always
+1 legit, traded beta nugget to me through middleman.
+1 nice guy, fast trade! thanks
+1 solid trader, would do business with again ?
+1 fast and easy trade; paypal
+1 +rep nice, and fair trader
+1 quick sell, thank you very much.
+1 quick and easy, definitely recommend!
+1 quick trade and nice guy
+1 "great trade as always!"
+1 fast trade, nice guy, will do business again.
+1 good trade. quick and ez
+1 good guy, lives in 2 regions at once!!! good trader
+1 easy and fast trade! nice dude -salieh
+1 great middleman
+1 helped me a lot and very quickly today!
+1 smooth as butta
+1 helpful and nice guy:)
+1 helpful guy
+1 great trader and very friendly guy
+1 good helper.
+1 thanks for helping with prices ❤
+1 inspector level over 9000
+1 another easy transaction with my boi oli
+1 gr8 trader m8 8/8
+1 i mean. what can we say about a guy that has good items and wants to trade them other than, wow good trades
+1 a little slow but other then that a good guy and trusted trader
+1 beaty on the eyes. sold him 30k for paypal. i went first with no issues at all. ❤
+1 awesome dude has a fantastick name!
+1 recommended pp trader. quick and friendly.
+1 calm cool collected figure, definite fair pp trader. gl
+1 great trader. alpha cap went smooth and user is really nice. thanks!
+1 gr8 trader ❤
+1 very friendly and trusted paypal trader ! :) -evx360 <3
+1 good guy to trade with. large paypal trade
+1 liquid smooth trader, id sex him if i could... ?
+1 easy trade ?
+1 quick and great trader ?
+1 i went first, trusted trader ?
+1 helpful and fair trader. good guy
+1 very good seller. i sent pp first and he gave quick. recommended.
+1 fast pp trader, i went first and he came through ?
+1 good traders, did a portion trade, and followed through with rest. thank you, recommended.
+1 he went first with 9 keys and 50 after for nugget, everything went well.
+1 nice and patient trader, thanks!
+1 trusted trader
+1 e z trans ❤ incog
+1 nice and fair
+1 i went first trusted pp trader
+1 really nice and honest guy, thanks mate ❤
+1 fast fair friendly trader. much respect. - shortmit#0592
+1 cool guy!
+1 friendly and reliable trader, i went first with items ❤
+1 super nice guy
+1 one of hte most helpful and supportive traders i have seen out there!
+1 cool guy, nice trader
+1 patient trader and honest. went first in pp trade with no mm and all went smoothly
+1 fair and fast trader
+1 great trader recomended! fantastic guy ? aweome name! ?
+1 very honest and kind
+1 taught me a lesson while making a very smooth trade
+1 quick and easy trade, and met my offer, will trade in the future - not illuminati
+1 damn your quick
+1 great trade thanks
+1 ezpz pp trade i went first for 10 usd
+1 east keys for paypal trade
+1 quick, fast, easy, accurate, all around great
+1 generous, friendly, easy trader!
+1 great trader, good and easy trade ?
+1 sold me keys for pp, smooth trade
+1 not a scammer, 11/10 good kid
+1 fast and smooth trade, would tade again any time!
+1 i went first and he followed through
+1 trusted paypal trader i went first w/no problems ? thanks for the keys!
+1 great trader
+1 fast ez trade
+1 good pp trade, fun to chat with
+1 fair, easy trader.
+1 quick and fast trade.
+1 ❤ great trade
+1 thanks for trading & using me as mm ?
+1 great buyer, bought keys through paypal with no issues at all. quick and easy, recommended!
+1 awesome guy, very trustworthy
+1 fast and easy pp trader
+1 great trader, bought hw. apparently also lives 10km from me ? -reflex
+1 fast
+1 good middleman
+1 funny trader your day will be better with that guy
+1 good paypal trade, trustworthy. no bs!
+1 kind and fair! ?
+1 great trader, thanks homie - sequo
+1 fast and ez pp trade
+1 wouldnt let me give you rep earlier. good trader always honest. - ?
+1 nice and fair trader.
+1 thanks for trusting me to be your mm - ?
+1 really nice trader, fair + quick
+1 his first tip, im so proud
+1 easy trader to work with, very experienced
+1 great trade, would do again
+1 great deals ❤
+1 good trader, trustworthy
+1 pp trade i went first ?
+1 great paypal trade. fair
+1 really nice guy!
+1 quick and easy!
+1 quick trader
+1 really nice person!!!!
+1 paypal trade
+1 first pp trade, no scam and a great deal ?
+1 fast trader
+1 i went first in pp trade, trustworthy
+1 good guy, legend.
+1 good trader dude, quick trade
+1 really good and fast trader
+1 damn good trade
+1 ez trade nice
+1 can confirm trade occured, ty for letting me mm - ?
+1 the trade occurred
+1 i went first in a pp trade, no problems
+1 good spirit, bargain master
+1 fast and nice trader
+1 kidness guy ?
+1 easy guy to trade with, paypal trade went smoothly
+1 fun guy
+1 incredible and fair trade, super fast!!!
+1 fast n ez
+1 ❤ fast
+1 fast trader ?
+1 fast and professional paypal trader - mr. eggnormous
+1 great trader
+1 "awesome trader, fast"
+1 thanks so much for the tip and easy trade, great guy! - spikylemon
+1 another great trade done successfully
+1 very kind and fast trader
+1 great trade. good deals fast and ez
+1 great trader