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+1 money for crimson voltaics without problems
+1 great keys seller! trusted as always!!!!
+1 good trader, fast guy
+1 a pleasure to trade with him as always
+1 Smooth white draco trade!💯
+1 very good trader, i sold him 3 nuggets. i went first and he dind't scamm me
+1 good buyer
+1 i went first on crossplatform and we've done our trade smoothly. Trusted one
+1 Quick great trader, very trustworthy, went first in 70k trade. Recommended
+1 good guy true to his word
+1 i did crossplatform trade with him. even he is mm, i request another mm and he gently accepted
+1 good and trusted trader! thanks for keys!!!
+1 very trusted guy, i went first with money! cool guy
+1 good trader
+1 friendly and quick trader, recommended!
+1 great trader thanks for the voltaics
+1 easy trade, would gladly trade with again
+1 Great trader bought crates from me. Big buyer!
+1 Friendly trader, recommended!
+1 Great trader and fair price!
+1 Great MM
+1 Thx my friend! Really good job!
+1 Very very nice trader! Went first with him. Thanks for the trade! -Ezequiel
+1 patient and trustable, recommend!
+1 100% trustful and very friendly
+1 trade gud topper trusty guy
+1 Great CS:GO to RL trade,I went first.
+1 fast and fair trader
+1 the grey Best MM super fast claims and always kind
+1 as always a kind guy, thanks for the trade ❤
+1 quick trade , I went first
+1 good middleman
+1 One smooth trade after another! ALWAYS A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE TO TRADE WITH HIM
+1 Good trader!
+1 Great MM, has done two trades for me so far today and is a great MM.
+1 Very fast and friendly MM, much appreciated ^^
+1 Great trader as always.
+1 Nice trader, Pro Middleman!
+1 Great MM
+1 +rep fair and patient trader
+1 Good MM
+1 amazing mm. recommended. friendly. professionnal.
+1 good MM , nice guy
+1 Trustworthy MM
+1 Really good MM
+1 Great, always reliable MM for big trades!!
+1 great mm
+1 Generous and kind trader!
+1 i went first for a money trade and it went good ❤
+1 Very smooth and fast trader! I went first with Steam Wallet and he did his part of the deal!
+1 fast and friendly middleman
+1 fast and friendly
+1 best trader i ever worked with totally trusted and recommanded
+1 Nice Trader
+1 great and very fast middleman!
+1 nice and easy trade ty
+1 fast trader!
+1 Best Italiano amico MM ❤
+1 fast and professional middleman!
+1 Chill and fast MM!
+1 Went smooth the PP trade, awesome middleman
+1 very good and patient MM
+1 quick and fair trader
+1 quick and nice paypal trader!
+1 Fair and fast trade would recommend!
+1 Easy trade, fast and a very polite fellow!
+1 quick middleman and awesome guy
+1 great Middleman! thanks for help!
+1 Trustworthy guy 😃
+1 went first sold him keys . I sell him keys quite often good trader!
+1 very good trader, fast and easy!!
+1 quick easy trade would recommend 10/10
+1 really nice guy,so kind
+1 Trusteworthy trader, the trade went just fine
+1 Thank you so much, trusted and great trader!
+1 trustworthy trader, traded steam cash
+1 Good Trader
+1 great trader and very trusted
+1 Again my Keys for Paypal, i went first, very friendly 😃
+1 My 25 Keys for Paypal, i went first, everything went smooth 😃
+1 Very nice and fast trader! Thanks for money 😉
+1 very nice and fast pp trade w/ no mm! thanks man! 😍
+1 great guy and fast trader! he even let me pay three days after
+1 he sent me GTA V steam gift for my RL Keys , very friendly trader
+1 as always, there if i need him for a trade! ❤ love this trader
+1 nice and fast trades! ty
+1 nice and fast pp trade w/ no mm! thanks man! 👌
+1 My Keys for Paypal, i went first, everything went smooth, anytime again
+1 i gave him 12 keys first and he gave me 10 euro paypal after . it is my 4 th trade with him he is a serious trusted guy
+1 held keys for me really nice trader 🐢
+1 trusted as always! i buy keys from him, and i went first every time! thaaaaanks!
+1 he bought 48 keys from me i went first and he paid me on paypal superfast
+1 went first with 100£, fast nd easy trade
+1 fast trade
+1 fast and friendly traders, bought rl items via bank transfer, recomanded
+1 smooth trade, nice guy -ace18
+1 As brilliant as ever, Thank you for all the safe trades my friend. 💯
+1 Quite Lucky.
+1 kindest trader ❤
+1 i give to him 24 rl keys and after he give me 20 euro paypal a trusted guy it is my 2 nd big trade with him i gave him betta nugget and he gave me 100 euro gift card +rep+rep+rep
+1 went first sold him keys
+1 thanks for paypal,nice man 😃
+1 clean and nice trader no MM
+1 Trusted guy, fast trades
+1 fast and fair Steam Wallet for Key trade. Went first, no problems
+1 Super trustworthy. I went first and everything was fine 😃
+1 second time i sell him keys for money . I went first as usual and he got me money in no time. Trustwhorty
+1 great trader
+1 Smooth paypal dealer , I went first without any problems. Thanks!!!
+1 trusted! Recommended if u wanna sell ur keys
+1 Nicest Trader Ever ❤
+1 kindest trader ive ever met ❤
+1 fast and nice paypal trade
+1 he bought my entire inventory and went first, a+ 💜
+1 friendly, trusted trader
+1 nice guy i went ffirst with key he got my back and payed me in a second totally trusted user.
+1 he kept my white zombas for 4 days, traded them today, best trader out there!
+1 nice trader! ty
+1 so kind and patient ❤
+1 real money trade. quick and easy!
+1 awesome trader!
+1 kind guy , waited for me to finish the match so we can trade!!
+1 great and fast trader! thanks from larry
+1 fair and very fast
+1 best trader anytime ❤
+1 good trader , trusted
+1 probably the 100th time i traded my keys for his steam wallet code with him, really trusted trader
+1 this is the only trader i care about, 100% trustable! thanks for the safe trade!
+1 is the type of guy who spends so much time in trying to find your items that you actually start feeling bad for giving him so much work.. guys, if you need a friendly and hard working trader, he's the one to pick! ❤
+1 10/10, fast, easy and secure! all recommendations.
+1 good trader
+1 i gave him my nugget and he gave me 2xgift card 50 euro. he is rly a good man i am in satabase of scammer because i sucked and he could scam a scammer but he didnt
+1 this man should get an oscar for trusted man in the world, i gave him my keys and he tradet for me alpha cap with other guy. it was not the first trade with darikoff and everytime all was nice. thank you man.
+1 trustful and honest trader, went first with my cap for keys. recommended
+1 fast and fair!
+1 sold beta nugget for rl mm needed.thank you 😃
+1 dealt with lots of money(he helped me cash out)between the two of us, each going first in various trades and there's probably not anyone in rocket league i trust more . he's a true friend and one of the nicest people i've ever met. best of luck man
+1 nice and smooth trader would recommend 💯 😋
+1 great trader + fast
+1 i traded a lot of times with this guy, i always went first with payment, he always deliver keys after! great paypal trader (and never with mm)
+1 long time trader with this guy. always delivered anything i asked for with both key and real money trades
+1 simply the best trader on this planet and a really nice and friendly guy
+1 he literally spent almost 2 days looking for a specific item. i love that guys, the best one out there!
+1 nice guy, kept his word, very trustworthy!! would recommend 10/10. thank you for the trade.
+1 friendly and nice trader, my go to guy! 😃
+1 , sold him keys friendly and easy trade
+1 trusted trader, delivered pizza all the way from italy for me
+1 my friend, trusted, and the most kind italian i ever known traded hundreds with him ❤ - nxtk <:alphabear:304521421584072705>.
+1 fast paypal trade, went smooth. recommend 10/10
+1 trusted trader, thank you for all the safe trades
+1 perfect as always! the only trader for real money that i trust! thanks
+1 nice person :3
+1 best trader ever
+1 thanks for nitro crates! as always trusted paypal trader!!!!!!
+1 fast and fair
+1 damn i love that dude so much, the best one out there ! 😄
+1 went first for keys, thanks for the safe trade
+1 thanks for the keys! trusted real money trader!!!!!
+1 as always, thanks for the keys! trusted paypal trader!
+1 really trusted trader, no one like him ❤
+1 went first in a trade, my nugget for his 100 keys+ 50 euro code. everything perfect, my favorite person to do outside trades with ❤
+1 easy and fast trader! thanks for keys
+1 good and fast trader!!
+1 ez outside rl trade, trusted trader
+1 faster trade ever! thanks for keys! trusted pp trader
+1 greatest trader ever! thanks for all!
+1 easy and fast trade! 😄
+1 thanks for the laby + parallax, greatest paypal trader!
+1 trusted trader
+1 thanks for keys! trusted paypal trader
+1 good and fast trader!
+1 fast trade, nice dood ❤
+1 trade for nugget with mm
+1 friendly guy, smooth and safe trade
+1 nice, fast trader
+1 good and fast trader! 😄
+1 ez steam code trade i went first for his code
+1 thanks for biomass! trusted paypal trader! no mm needed with him!!!
+1 friendly trader. gave a huge tip for completing his order. thanks 😃
+1 easy trade nice guy!
+1 trusted paypal trader, thanks for the keys!
+1 thanks for keys (i went first with steam code as always and no mm needed)
+1 legit and faster ty !
+1 thanks for the safe trade, i went first
+1 what a great guy , friendly , fair and fast trader
+1 thanks for the quicksell, fast and smooth trade
+1 fast and legit ty.
+1 traded keys for steam wallet code, thanks for the code and the safe trade :!00: reccomend this guy
+1 fast trader!
+1 nice and fast trader
+1 simply the best trader for real money i know! thanks again for the keys!
+1 my go to guy for outside rl trading, thanks for all the safe trades 😄
+1 trustworthy and friendly trader (with paypal), trusted trader!
+1 always perfect! thanks again! you're the best "item finder" trader 😄
+1 very trustworthy guy i mostly go first with him 😁
+1 great and friendly trader, always find items for me, at the right prices and without middleman (i always went first with pp)
+1 can find you items you need, great trader 💯
+1 very kind, patient and understanding!
+1 gets you items you want 😄
+1 always do outside trades with him 😄
+1 perfect! it's always a pleasure trade with him! great rl trader
+1 great fast
+1 only guy i would do outside trades with
+1 great paypal trader! every time he find what i want! 👌
+1 fast and nice trade
+1 patient trader, traded 4k+gt for a game.
+1 would recommend, smooth trader!
+1 every time fast and trusted, every time i go first, every time he deliver ❤
+1 never use a mm when trading with this guy, has a lot of stuff and can also find some stuff for you when you need it.👌
+1 fast and friendly trader, worked things out very easily ! ❤
+1 , second time i traded with him, second time i don't regret it, 11/10 will buy from him again 😄 very fair and nice trader 😃
+1 perfect! my money for black markets, fast and friendly trader!
+1 my paypal for his items, safe as always!
+1 very good trader . friendy.
+1 very honest guy and fast trader 😃
+1 i give him money on pp for heatwave, no middleman needed
+1 traded my keys for his dlc
+1 easy and fast trade! without middle man, i want first and no problem
+1 very good trader, fast and friendly
+1 give him money on paypal, i went first without middleman, all perfect!!!
+1 good trader!
+1 good trader