Prizes and Rules

Raffle tickets:
Hey guys,
we wanted to say thank you for you great support and continous help.


We are giving away a lot of awesome prizes

1 × All 4 new DLC Cars
1 × 30 days of premium membership
5 × 7 days of premium membership
15 × 1 day of premium membership
  • Every registered user that is playing RL on Steam can participate in the raffle
  • One user can win more than one prize
  • This raffle will end on 20th of July
  • We reserve the right to restrict access to this raffle for users that try to cheat this system
  • Every entry is one chance to win
How to enter?
  1. Rename youself on Steam so that your name contains
  2. Connect your Steam account to your account HERE
  3. Track yourself on the Livetracker and play some games HERE
  4. Get one raffle ticket per hour
  5. One bonus raffle ticket for everybody that has a steam account connected and logs in.