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Price List and Rep/Price Bot


Hey guys,
I'm really excited to announces the price list thats here for 10 days now.
It calculates the prices of Rocket League items from RLTracker and Discord Trades.

In Addition to that I released the Reputation Bot to the public.(+ and - rep are not available on all Servers).
That Bot also has the Price List included. !price white endo
Check it out here
Dont forget to try !scam_check, it checks for known scammers on the Discord this Bot is in!
If a price seems wrong please use !report_price {name}!

Stay tuned,

Title Data Now Available on RLTracker.Pro + other Updates


Hey guys,

another quick update, the server finished pulling all the titles for players in the RLTracker Database.(This does not apply for Xbox players, I'm not able to get their titles.)
Gif :o

And in case you missed the new features:

Coming up soon:

  • Top percentages for ratings
  • Key only stores for dedicated traders
  • Stored Session Manager for the Live Tracker
  • Scammer List synced with lists from other trusted organisations

Dont forget to join our discord and to follow us on twitter to stay updated.

So stay tuned and happy ladder climbing in the last days of S3

Ps.: If you dont find yourself or are having any other trouble please always include your Steam link or PSN/XBOX Gamertag

Highest Season Rating


Hey guys,
a real quick update, I have seen a lot of demands for:
"what was my highest rank this season?"
And I added it to the player profiles pages.
Example: http://rltracker.pro/profiles/corehammer/steam

(On the top right of the avatar)
If there is no icon for new players, please wait a few seconds :)


Ps.: These values don't come from our database, so these are the ACTUAL highest ratings.

Huge Design update


Hey guys,
im too lazy to summarize everything so here are the core changes:

  • New Design (obviously)
  • Report function for Trades
  • Ability to add rep on page
  • New not that buggy chat
  • Server should be more stable
  • If Psyonix disables the api youll get notified in the navbar on the top (no more alerts on every page view)
  • Should be mobile friendlier (Don't kill me :D)

Have fun and if you want to give feedback please use our Discord




Hey guys,
A little Survey about your satisfaction with RLTracker.

Everybody who does this gets 3 days of Premium, to checkout the sweet sweet http://dev.rltracker.pro

The 3 days of Premium get added to your Inventory at max a day later.
http://rltracker.pro/premium (on the bottom of the page)


Latest Key-only Trades

Mantis for 4.0 keys ea
2017.05.24 19:28
Heatwave for 15.0 keys ea
2017.05.24 19:27
Nitro Crate for 1.0 keys ea
2017.05.24 19:27
Mantis for 3.0 keys ea
2017.05.24 19:27
20xx for 30.0 keys ea
2017.05.24 19:26
Nitro Crate for 1.0 keys ea
2017.05.24 19:26
Mantis for 4.0 keys ea
2017.05.24 19:26

Site Stats

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Users banned this week: 51
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PS4 Players: 20703
Xbox Players: 12086
Deactivated Players in DB: 142407
Players favorited: 15916
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Discord requests today: 3394
RLTracker Stat Bot Servers: 4342
RLTrader Bot Servers: 565
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