Discord Bot Bot

Hey guys,
we want to introduce our all new Discord bot.
  • Get up to date Stats for ever Player out there with !stats steam corehammer for example
  • Get to know how many points you are lacking for that promotion with !rankup steam yixn solo for example
  • Help commands for !stats and !rankup
  • Already hosted for you, so everything you got to is adding it to your Discord Server
  • !stats [steam|pc|ps4|xbox] {user_id}
  • !stats help
  • !rankup {rating}
  • !rankup [steam|pc|ps4|xbox] {user_id} {playlist}
  • !rankup help
The Bot needs to have permissions for:
  • Read messages
  • Send messages
  • Upload attachments
Cooming soon:
  • Automated Twitch integration for stats before and after a streaming session!
Add to my Discord
Did you know...
...that you can bump your trade so that its shown at the top of the list again?