Status Update


Hey guys,

A lot of changes were made on the trading part of RLTracker.Pro.
If you already joined our Discord Server, you've probably alreydy noticed these, but ill summarize the changes here for you again.


  • Implementation of Kreesty's Pricelist
  • Introduction of the Chatsystem.(Even tho its buggy af)
  • Chat/Trading settings
  • We are now behind Cloudflare, cause we got ddossed a week ago. The same second it started, someone was posting an adverisement to his new Rocket League Trading page :D. We wont take any actions on this, and wish the best luck to our competitors.
  • The New Trading system is live now. Now you can tell us what you want for your
  • Page speed increased by a lot (I'm an idiot, if you are interested what happened, i'll add a small part explaining at the end)
  • Added The Category/Rarity/Color/cert Selectors again
  • Patron got renamed to Premium. Patron was just too close to the platform we use for subscriptions(Patreon)
  • Psn confirmations got fixed. If you did not know, you can connect your PSN/Xbox account to your RLTracker Account
  • We finally added Email confirmation and the ability to reset you password via email :)
  • Added localized times for the Trades. Meaning yo ucan see now when somebody posted that trade
  • Added the Setting to be able to only see Trades from a specific Platform (On the whole page)
  • The bot is now generating images for the Trades and posts them to the #trade-bot channel on our Discord

Whats still coming?

-Free Bump Feature for Trades with Trackerpoints. Finally another use for them :)
-12h Autobump for Premium Users
-The new Trades Widget on the Homepage needs a rework.
-Adding tradeable in to trade items again.
-A little bit more mobile optimization
-Share Buttons for your Trades for. Reddit/Twitter/Facebook (Including those generated Images)
-Hovering over certifactes is going to show the tracked stat.

Chat Changes:

-The arrows of the chat should disappear if you dont have a lot of chats open
-Conversation deleting
-If you have multiple pages open your sent messages/read/closed wont be snychronized.
-I have to make sure that the first message sent to you also pops up a new chat!
-Show an unread notification on the conversations tab
-Find a solution for mobile Chat.
-Solution for the height of livetracker and the chat

Far future:

-Create trades to make an offer to an existing page.
-"Matchmake" Trades

We hope that you guys like the changes. Any feedback and error reports are always welcome.



That Pageload disaster:

Ok before i start you have to know what an ajax(asynchronous javascript and xml) request is.
Basically an ajax request is a request that doesnt need a new pageload that sends and receives data from the server while the page is already fully loaded.
RLTracker does this on many occurences, like the "Manually refresh" Button on the Live Tracker.

Back to the coding part:
Normaly you call an ajax request with options

$.ajax({ # Function call
  url:"http//", # Setting up the url for the request
  data:{id:1,blabla:"Awesome"}, # Sending data with the request
  success:function(data){ # If the call succeeded do this
    console.log(data) # Prints the answer to the console

Nothing strange until here.
I somehow called
without any options. I did not know that this is possible. But what it does then is the real problem.
It defaulted the url parameter to the url the user in on right now.
Meaning if you are on it requests that whole page in the background again and does nothing with it.

But this wasnt all.
I have small partials for a chat, that get rendered as many times as you got open chats.
YES, that ajax request without options was in there...
Meaning that a few people, requested the same page 20 times when they opened it :D

I'm really sorry about this and this will definitely not happen again!:D is launching their new Trading System


Hey guys,

Today we added very own Trading System, where you can find other Players, who are willing to trade the item you are looking for.

You can list all the Items that you want to trade, but you are also able to filter all listings by type and rarity on the items page and by certificate and color on the offers page.

We have big Plans for this system:

  • The Discord Bot shall message you in the future when somebody is interested in your Item.
  • Show if somebody is online on Discord on the Offer Listings page. You want an Item? Choose the Listing with the online Player!
  • Adding a Wishlist next
  • As soon as keys are tradable(in 5 days i guess), you will be able to say how much keys(Or something worth the keys) you want for an item you are listing
  • Share Buttons for Steam,Discord and Reddit.

We hope that you guys like it. Any feedback and error reports are always welcome.


Trade Champion Series Crates for Patron Membership


Hey guys,
we got something for you.

Got to many Champion Series Crates on Steam?
And you are not going to use them anyway?

We take them and and offer 5 days of Patron for each Crate you trade us.
Message Yixn#9503 on our Discord Server

At the end of the month we pick one lucky trader, that gets a lifetime of patron status on!


A lot of awesome shit happened this week on


Hey guys,

a little update on the progress i made the last week.

Connect Xbox and PSN Accounts
  • We added the possibility to connect your account with your PSN/XBOX account, so that those who were treated unfairly, can also use the !me command on Discord servers our Bot is. Picture
  • The whole site is now fully responsive, means it can be used properly on your Smartphone. Also the Live Tracker got a complete overhaul for mobile screens. Picture
  • A few adjustments were made for the way we get our data. That means that updates on the Live Tracker should be much faster now.
  • The Bot got a !notme command now. Picture
  • Updated the Library it uses, so that it should not ignore a few people anymore.
  • Added Inventory on the Patron page, that means giving away patron status for exceptional behaviour or raffles easier now.
  • We gave out the patron prizes for our winners of the Raffle.


>All 4 new DLC Cars
>30 days of Patron membership
>7 days of Patron membership
>1 day of Patron membership
Other improvements
  • RLTracker has a daily Leaderboard for Goals/Assists/etc now (Trophies for this on the Player pages are coming soon). Picture
  • The Reddit posts on our home page now also show comments where RLTracker is mentioned. Picture
  • I made a fix for all those players out there who had corrupted data on our page, that resulted in a broken statistics graph at the bottom. Picture
  • Added the Rank indicator for user on the Live Tracker. Picture

Best regards

Win DLCs or Patron membership!


Hi all!

We want to thank you for the great support and continuous help, so we're giving away:

  •   1 × All 4 new DLC Cars
  •   1 × 30 days of Patron membership
  •   5 × 7 days of Patron membership
  • 15 × 1 day of Patron membership

You can win these prizes by collecting raffle tickets. To collect tickets, all you need to do is add "" to your username, connect your steam account, and play some games while using the live tracker! You'll get one ticket per hour, bonus tickets for everyone who has steam connected and logs in.

The raffle will end on 20th of July, you can track the countdown at the top left of the site. The amount of tickets you've collected is shown at the top right.

Each raffle ticket has an equal chance to win. The more tickets you collect, the higher your chance to win!

You can find all the details on our dedicated raffle page.

PS: In case you've missed it: We have a discord for all your questions and feedback!

Good luck from jomo and Yixn!


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Did you know...
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